Every woman is unique. Each has her own character, her dreams and her particular organism. But all of us have one thing in common - the desire to be healthy and happy.

In order not to miss the beginning of the disease, you should pay attention to any changes in the body. The first symptom of the disease may be everything that concerns you and brings discomfort and unpleasant mood.

You have to consult the doctor when:

  • The nature of vaginal discharge is changed, color, texture, odor emissionsare changed
  • There is dryness, itching, rash in the vulva.
  • The pain is appeared  in the abdomen.
  • The character of month periods is changed in:  number, duration, length of intervals between cycles, painful periods.
  • Worries about chest pain.

The qualified medical treatment in time and true diagnosis are the key to successful treatment and speedy recovery.

Anyway do not try to treat any gynecological problems yourself. When you visit your gynecologist never hide any symptoms. Only under the condition of absolute confidence the doctor can properly assess the situation, conduct necessary examination and treatment.

It is not always easy to tell your doctor about secret fantasies and sexual problems. But if you're attending a regular physician who has known you for a long time and whom you completely trust your communication will eventually become more comfortable and easy.


The most important component of the quality of diagnosis, after highly qualified doctor is the equipment on  which  the survey is conducted. It should be safe, precise, modern. Equipment must be regularly checked and updated. Clinic "Damia" is equipped with the most  modern and  the highest quality equipment.

For prevention and diagnosis of gynecological diseases we conduct such examinations as:

  • colposcopy;
  • ultrasound (US);
  • cardiotocography;
  • biopsy;
  • electrocardiogram and others.


In the center "Damia" can be quickly and accurately conducted cytological, biochemical, immunological, cytogenetic (chromosomal passport) and molecular genetic (DNA) testing.


In our work we are guided by international standards of treatment and prevention of female diseases. Modern medicine is now able to treat these diseases once considered incurable. Treatment can be conservative (use procedures and drugs) and operative. The doctor will explain the capabilities and limitations of each method for your particular case, answer questions, recommend the most effective treatment. Medical Coordinator will orient you in the prices respond to organizational issues.

The main gynecological treatments in the center "Damia":

  • treatment of cervical pathology;
  • identify the causes and treatment of miscarriage;
  • hyperplastic processes in the endometrium;
  • menstrual disorders, painful menstruation;
  • menopausal disorders;
  • Diagnosis hormonal level of women and hormonal disbalance treatment  in women;
  • individual selection of contraceptives;
  • evaluation and treatment of infections, sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, candidiasis, mikoureaplazmoz, herpes, honokokk, papillomavirus, trichomoniasis, ureaplasmosis);
  • Diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases (vulvitis, vulvovaginitis, vaginitis, salpingoophoritis, endometritis);
  • pathology of the uterus.