The Infertility Treatment

The idea that you might have a problem conceiving a child is a very personal and painful for all of us. We want to explain some basic facts so that you can safely understand your worries and to vitrification of ova and embryos answer many questions associated with conception. If you find out that you actually have the infertility problem then you have every reason to feel yourself optimistic. Our doctors in reproductive health centre will use all possible innovative methods and technologies for you to become pregnant and give birth to healthy children.

In vitro fertilazation (IVF) has been growing rapidly recently. Our doctors were among the first in Western Ukraine who began to help infertile couples with “in vitro” fertilization technology. Today with 20year's experience they are the best in their field. We often help patients who have had unsuccessful infertility treatment attempts in other clinics. If you have already had such a bitter experience, please do not dispair as we can offer you another and better chance.

We believe to carry and bear  baby is the right of every woman. That is why we will do everything possible for you. No one will take care of you better than the stuff of Medical  reproductive Health Cenre “Damia”. 

The workers in our centre is like one big family. And it's a custom in true Ukrainian families that everyone who comes we are glad to help, to comfort, and to support in any situation.