Kotsabin Natalia Vladimirovna
Kotsabin Natalia Vladimirovna

I want to share one successful clinical case.

Two years ago, a 39-year-old woman approached me with a request for PRP ovarian activation. In prehistory, it should be said that she was recommended such a procedure abroad, in one of the EU countries where she lives. But after reading my publication, she turned to our center Damia. It should also be noted that before our meeting the woman already had three cycles of stimulation in the in vitro fertilization program. Without success.

AMG at the time of the initial consultation 0.4 ng / ml. In both ovaries 2 antral follicles.

So, in summary, we can say one thing – the case is not simple.

For me, it was a kind of challenge, but the most motivating thing was to start working with confidence and determination on the part of women. And I want to say that in the two years we have gone together to a common happy goal, despite many difficulties, including the loss of loved ones, quarantine restrictions, I have never seen her hesitate or lose her FAITH.

So, first of all, PRP injection therapy in the ovaries has proven to be quite an effective procedure for rejuvenating women. There are enough publications about the personal (emphasis added) experience of Greek doctors.

Of course, it is difficult to call it evidence-based medicine. But on the other hand, we have many positive reviews about the use of PRP in dermatology, in neurology. Therefore, it was decided to inject PRP into both ovaries of the patient in three stages.

Second, after several months of ultrasound monitoring after the last injection, we began the stage of egg accumulation. This is the approach in ART, when we accumulate eggs from several cycles of stimulation, vitrifying all received, and fertilization occurs only once.

Controlled ovarian stimulation and follicle puncture were performed three times. Incentive procedures were delayed due to COVID 19, vaccination of couples and quarantine measures.

The result of our work were 6 mature eggs, from which we received 3 blastocysts of good quality and one genetically healthy girl!
For now, a healthy mother is carrying a healthy pregnancy!

Dear patients, someone may say that this is a waste of time and hope for other couples. Yes, thanks to the egg donation program, a woman would have given birth to a healthy baby 2 years ago. Yes, it is actually a miracle, because evidence-based medicine tells us about a very low percentage of genetically healthy embryos in women of late reproductive age.


We all have a choice. And we all have a chance.
And everything else, I believe and know for sure, is in God’s hands!

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