Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive method of examination, which consists in a direct examination of the uterine cavity with a hysteroscope – thin a tube that penetrates through the cervix into the uterine cavity for research and treatment. There are diagnostic (office) and operative (hysteroresectoscopy) hysteroscopy. It is worth noting that Damia Medical Center is […]

Профілактичні огляди

Preventive examinations

Every woman is unique. Each has its own character, dreams and peculiarities of the organism. But we all have one thing in common – the desire to be healthy and happy. In order not to miss the onset of the disease, you need to pay attention to any changes in the body. Anything that worries, […]

Treatment of the cervix

Among gynecological diseases in women of reproductive age, cervical pathology accounts for approximately 10-15% of cases. Cervical cancer is a disease that is currently one of the most common cancers of the female genitalia. The average age of patients ranges from 45 to 50 years, but in recent years, cases of cancer are detected at […]

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Збереження фертильності

Preservation of fertility

It is impossible to stop the clock that is constantly ticking. However, you can always take care of Plan B. Realizing that there is a good reason why you can’t have a baby right now , Damia Clinic is ready to help you retain the opportunity to become a mother in the future. We use […]

Postpartum recovery

Pregnancy and childbirth are completely healthy physiological processes. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the first time in a woman’s life or, say, the third time – in any case, our body is changing. And there are a few “BUT”.   So, the postpartum issues that need to be addressed are: urinary incontinence; incontinence of […]

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