Diagnosis of infertility

Damia Medical Center deals with the correction of all types of male and female infertility. So what is infertility? If you have regular unprotected sex for 1 year without pregnancy, then you should consult a reproductive therapist. If you are over 35 years old, the period of open sexual life as a marker of infertility […]

Діагностика безпліддя
Профілактичні огляди

Methods of infertility treatment

You’re not alone in your problem For a long time, infertility was a topic that could not be talked about. This created the illusion that fertility disorders were isolated cases and left couples alone with their difficulties. In fact, according to the WHO, one in six couples in the world faces the problem of infertility. […]

Assisted reproductive technologies

Damia Medical Center for Reproductive Health began with a sincere desire to help expectant parents achieve the most desirable thing – the appearance of a baby in their family. Over the years, it has grown into a center with the latest technology, where the use of evidence-based medicine and patient comfort are equal in importance. […]

Допоміжні репродуктивні технології
Шлях пацієнта в програмі запліднення ін вітро

The patient’s path in the in vitro fertilization program

Damia Reproductive Health Center is constantly approached by couples who have difficulty conceiving. There is no one-size-fits-all cause and problem: every family has a different history. But our team is specialists with many years of experience, ready to take on the treatment of infertility of any complexity and accompany you on this path side by […]

Preservation of fertility

It is impossible to stop the clock that is constantly ticking. However, you can always take care of Plan B. Realizing that there is a good reason why you can’t have a baby right now , Damia Clinic is ready to help you retain the opportunity to become a mother in the future. We use […]

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Відновлення природної фертильності

Restoration of natural fertility

Specialists of clinics from different cities and countries of the world strive for one thing – partnership with patients, openness, quick communication and providing quality medical care. At Damia Medical Center, we take a personalized approach to everyone. There is still a stereotype that the reproductive medicine clinic immediately offers assisted reproductive technologies, hormonal stimulation […]

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