Specialists of clinics from different cities and countries of the world strive for one thing – partnership with patients, openness, quick communication and providing quality medical care.

At Damia Medical Center, we take a personalized approach to everyone. There is still a stereotype that the reproductive medicine clinic immediately offers assisted reproductive technologies, hormonal stimulation and in vitro fertilization. In practice, everything is wrong!

The path to paternity of a couple with infertility in the anamnesis begins with a comprehensive step-by-step examination. And treatment is prescribed in fact, on the principle of “simpler to more complex.” Our goal is maximum naturalness in matters of conception, pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.


Abroad, the term “sustainability” is popular in various industries.
Sustainable, as a program in reproductive medicine, is, first of all:

  • rationality;
  • restoration of natural fertility;
  • taking into account the future needs of the family – the health of future generations.

Reproductive doctors at the Damia Medical Center have more than 20 years of experience in treating couples with infertility, gained in practice and at world-class symposia.
Rational pairing tactics are crucial to success.

The first meeting begins with communication:

  • collection of family, hereditary anamnesis. If the couple has a history of infertility testing and treatment, all important steps are recorded
  • taking into account the age of the woman. This indicator is crucial in choosing treatment tactics!
  • spermogram evaluation, which briefly and meaningfully characterizes a man’s reproductive potential. Deviation correction if necessary
  • assessment of a woman’s hormonal profile, or “hormonal mirror”. Correction of violations if necessary
  • prescribing dietary nutrition, vitamins and other procedures to improve the health of the couple as a whole
  • conducting on-site office hysteroscopy – a key stage of an outpatient examination of a woman. The method allows to exclude pathology of a uterine cavity, endometrium, at the same time to carry out definition of functional passability of uterine tubes. This is a special topic for our institution. We have been successfully conducting this manipulation for 10 years and training doctors from different parts of Ukraine and other countries abroad.

The following patients are recommended:

  • induction of monoovulation for 3-4 cycles – stimulation with special tablets or injections to mature two or more follicles in one menstrual cycle of the patient. Ovulation induction is a healthy “training” of the ovaries, which increases the chances of pregnancy.
  • intrauterine insemination with sperm from a man or donor – introduction of specially treated concentrated sperm into the uterine cavity during ovulation. Sperm should be category A: fast-moving with a rectilinear motion, the best for fertilization. Insemination is used in cases of cervical infertility factor, when there is no cervical mucus or it is of poor quality. It is also practiced with minor abnormalities in men’s health – a moderate decrease in the number or motility of sperm. As for the number of procedures, scientists from around the world are still debating. Clearly, at least three procedures are required for an effective result.


If after all these methods the couple did not get pregnant, we move on to the next stage – the use of assisted reproductive technologies.

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