It is impossible to stop the clock that is constantly ticking. However, you can always take care of Plan B. Realizing that there is a good reason why you can’t have a baby right now , Damia Clinic is ready to help you retain the opportunity to become a mother in the future. We use the most advanced reproductive technologies in the world.

The fertility program is the freezing of a woman’s mature eggs, which makes it possible to postpone motherhood until a more appropriate time.

Now, without further ado, a woman can continue to build a career and a relationship. And when she feels that the perfect time for pregnancy has come – we will carry out the thawing procedure and help her become a mother.
Maximum transparency in the work and maintaining your confidentiality is the basis of our center.


The goal of the Fertility Preservation method is to obtain as many mature eggs as possible and preserve them by the vitrification method.

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