Damia Reproductive Health Medical Center

Methods of infertility treatment

Personal approach in the treatment of infertility due to many years of experience

The highest efficiency of the in vitro fertilization program at the Damia Medical Center.

Indicators of clinical pregnancies

79.8 %

up to 35 years

62.8 %

patients aged 36 - 39 years.

52.4 %

patients older than 40 years *

Indicators include the results of fresh and cryopreservation of vitrified
embryos under one IVF stimulation.

* including donation cycles

For us, a sincere response from everyone is important

Ulyana Shkvarla

Extremely pleased with the clinic😍
Excellent specialists, top level service and quality equipment!
Special thanks to Khrystyna Lyubomyrivna Balanyk for the wonderful management of my long-awaited pregnancy. All 9 months passed easily, calmly, without stress and worries. The son was born healthy and full-term, and this is the most important thing 🥰 ♥ ️

Julia Karpan

I am very grateful to this clinic, and especially to Lesya Bogdanovna for my son !!!! Everything came out on the first try. The staff is very qualified and pleasant, humane …

Vitaly Tkachuk

Very good clinic, staff and service at the highest level. THANK YOU ALL! Especially Lesya Bogdanovna, Natalia Vladimirovna, Natalia Andreevna, Ivan Stepanovich! I RECOMMEND to everyone who wants to have a small miracle at home !!!

Snizhana Gutyuk

I leave my positive feedback about Kotsabin Natalia Vladimirovna. From the first meeting with this doctor, it seemed as if you were talking to your best friend or even sister. Very nice, responsive and attentive. He devotes a lot of time to each patient, reads the history of the disease carefully, not superficially. Despite the fact that I am from another area, the doctor found an opportunity to keep in touch with me by phone. I sincerely recommend Natalia Vladimirovna as a young, good, result-oriented specialist.

Ilona Maskova

Thank you Kalina Tatiana for managing my pregnancy and its successful completion. Everything was great. Promptly and on business. No extra appointments and nerves. Thank you for the most precious thing – for my son!

Sofia Attia

A clinic that gives hope of happiness.
I wish you many happy families

Ruslana Aksyuk

Good evening! I want to share my positive impressions from the ICRC “Damia”. I really liked the institution, because the staff is polite, friendly, clean and tidy everywhere, in short – comfortable conditions and professionals who are professionals!
And now I will turn to personal history, I was recommended by Melnyk Natalia Andreevna, and I immediately turned to a nice, friendly woman. From the first visit the man was full of kindness, sincerity, professionalism!
I addressed the problem, during the year I could not get pregnant, finding me with PCOS, immediately passing all the tests, Natalia Andreevna prescribed an effective treatment that helped me get pregnant naturally in a short period of time! Not to convey our positive emotions with her husband, we are very happy! We truly thank God and Natalia Andreevna for the gift of happiness that I carry in my heart! Natalia Andreevna – a specialist in her field, a doctor from God! Thank you Natalia Andriyivna for your help, faith, support, and for the fact that God introduced us to an extremely wonderful person!
Thank you very much, ICRC “Damia” for excellent specialists, for comfortable conditions, individual approach, for providing quality medical services that are really at the highest level!
The council that chose your clinic is the best, thank you for giving people boundless happiness!
I recommend to everyone !!!

Irina Nima

Sincere thanks to the wonderful staff of the MC “Damia”, and especially Lesya Bogdanovna, for your hard work! Your confidence, friendliness and professionalism have inspired and instilled confidence in a positive result! Now I am the happiest woman in the world – my most cherished dream has come true! I became a mother! I have a wonderful son !!!! And it’s thanks to you! You are professionals!

Oksana Marukhlenko

I am sincerely grateful to the wonderful team, masters of their craft, MC “Damia”, and especially Kotsabin Natalia Vladimirovna and Melnik Natalia Andreevna !!! Diagnosis at the highest level! Doctors are 100% interested in the result, they are in touch around the clock, everything is always clear and in essence !!! Cleanliness, polite staff !!! But the most important result, which is now sounding around me !!!!!!! It wasn’t always easy, but together we overcame all the difficulties!
Thank you very much for your professionalism, sensitivity and humanity !!! I wish you professional success, more positive results, prosperity! I definitely recommend !!!

Hrushetska Iryna

Good day. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. For 9 years my husband and I were treated in various clinics in Rohatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv. So nothing happened. When my hands were down, my friend advised the Damia Medical Center. We decided to try again. And thanks, not only to professionalism, but also to the “Man” with a capital letter, Kotsabin Natalia Vladimirovna, we have hope. Six months later I got pregnant. Now is the end of the third month. There is no risk of miscarriage. Thank you, Natalia Vladimirovna, for your care, understanding and support. I also want to mention the staff of this clinic. You are masters of your craft: skilled, friendly and kind. Good luck to you all in realizing your most cherished dream – to become a parent.

The Seminchishin family

Sincere words of gratitude to you and the staff of the Medical Center “Damia” for professionalism, sensitivity, and most importantly – for helping to become the parents of a sweet and gentle boy Andrew. The greatest joy and great happiness is to hold your child in your arms, to hug yourself, to feel the warmth of her embrace, to see her sincere smile, to hear her loud laughter. Thank you for the gift of happiness! We wish you good health, prosperity, inspiration, patience and more positive results from your work. Sincerely, Semenchyshyn family from Chernivtsi.


Usually, comments are left by people with negative results or when something did not suit them. And those who are all right – are silent, because “happiness loves silence”))) I just want to leave a recommendation here! I recommend the Damia Center! Thank you for my 2 wonderful happiness !!!!

Our mission is to help families become parents, using the latest advances in evidence-based medicine in the most comfortable environment.

Values we are guided by in our daily work:

  • Every person’s life from the moment of conception is the highest value
  • Confidentiality and openness (“transparency”)

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We sincerely believe that it is the right of every woman to bear and give birth to a child. We guarantee the possible!

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We sincerely believe that it is the right of every woman to bear and give birth to a child. Therefore, even with bitter experience, do not despair. We will do our best to make your dream come true! You just have to believe – and you’re halfway there! Damia Medical Center staff as one big family. According to the Ukrainian tradition, we are happy to help, comfort and support everyone who comes to us in any situation! We guarantee the possible! Visit us and see for yourself!


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