Urologist-andrologist is a specialist who diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases of the genitourinary system of men and women, as well as problems of development of the male genitalia. Consultation with an andrologist is necessary to address issues of prevention of diseases of the male reproductive system.

What complaints can I consult a urologist andrologist?


  • potency reduction;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • accelerated or delayed ejaculation:
  • frequent or infrequent urination (with or without pain);
  • weakening the flow of urine;
  • no pregnancy during the year without contraception;
  • discoloration of urine, presence of blood;
  • feeling of paroxysmal pain in the lumbar region;
  • any visible changes in the shape or density of the pelvic organs in adulthood (protrusion of veins, change in the shape of the scrotum, the appearance of tumors);
  • noticeable signs of inflammation of the genitals (pain, redness, discharge from the urethra, problems with urination).

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  • frequent, painful urination;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • change in urine color (pink), presence of blood impurities in urine;
  • pain over the womb, in the lumbar region with irradiation to the urethra, labia, groin, perineum;
  • the presence of protrusions or tumors in the urethra.


At Damia Medical Center, we will help you solve the following issues:

    • varicocele;
    • hydrocele;
    • spermatocele;
    • orchitis, orchoepididymitis;
    • testicular torsion;
    • cryptorchidism;
    • infertility;
    • prostate adenoma;
    • prostatitis;
    • vesiculitis;
    • cystitis;
    • phimosis;
    • short bridle, its tears;
    • renal failure;
    • pyelonephritis;
    • hydronephrosis;
    • kidney abscess;
    • urolithiasis;
    • kidney count;
    • kidney cyst;
    • polycystic kidney disease;
    • urinary incontinence;
    • enuresis;
    • urethral stricture;
    • urethritis;
    • urogenital injuries;
    • oncological diseases of the genitourinary system;
    • And others


We guarantee you confidentiality and quality treatment at the highest level of modern urology!

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