Damia Medical Center for Reproductive Health specializes in the effective implementation of assisted reproductive technologies, but our services are comprehensive – from the moment of examination of the couple to the accompaniment of pregnancy.
We can be registered both after the onset of pregnancy naturally and after IVF. The advantages of pregnancy support in “Damia” are:

  • high quality and competence in providing medical services;
  • comfortable conditions, modern equipment and friendly atmosphere;
  • payment upon service.

According to doctors’ recommendations, the first prenatal examination should take place within 12 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, all the necessary documentation is collected, information about the health of the expectant mother, as well as the scope of laboratory tests and diagnostic tests.


Timely registration allows you to prevent complications, detect pathologies in time, save the pregnancy, prevent premature birth and enjoy the anticipation of motherhood.

Pregnancy care at the Damia Medical Center includes scheduled examinations and consultations, mandatory and, if necessary, additional laboratory tests, ultrasound examinations (ultrasound machine expert “Voluson S’8”).

The woman is also referred to related specialists and to pass all the necessary tests. Research data and expert opinions will help the obstetrician-gynecologist to correctly determine the tactics of pregnancy at all times.

To prevent pregnancy complications, it is important to see a doctor regularly and follow his appointments, as well as monitor your health.

The goal of our collaboration is to give birth to a healthy baby and keep the mother healthy. However, pregnancy will definitely change the work of your internal organs, because they will have to work for two. Therefore, monitoring during pregnancy is absolutely necessary even if the pregnancy itself is without complications.

We will help you walk the path to the birth of a baby safely, comfortably and in the joy of expecting a baby!

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